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Unfortunately pests are part of our environment, and can threaten health, hygiene and materials as well as destroy your reputation.  Pests can be managed by We Clean Carpets through effective and tailored safe pest control programmes to meet your needs.

We Clean Carpets pest management plans include a pre-assessment, written report and suggested solutions and recommendations.  The programme will be designed to your specific needs, for example protection of stock or computer wiring, or ensuring customer comfort.  We provide you with regular monitoring and written reports.

Your kitchen and lunch room may look clean and tidy but as we know your commercial cleaner, unless requested, will not access those hard to reach places such as under the fridge or stove where cockroaches love to breed.

That unnoticed piece of scrap food or crumb that fell under the desk or in the corner of the lunch room is the ideal invitation for rodents, cockroaches and ants.

Living in a warm climate does have its drawbacks when it comes to fleas.  Fleas are carried into work places or rest homes by unsuspecting employees and visitors.  It doesn’t take long for complaints of flea bites to surface bringing threats of health and safety and the affects of reduced productivity levels.

What do you do about staff complaining of unwanted pests?

Talk to We Clean Carpets about our Programmed Service Agreement to get what is right for you and get best value.

Our technicians regularly attend Pest Management Association courses and are approved handlers of Urban Pest Management. We also use synthetic pyrethrum products which are low in toxicity and odour but a highly efficient pest control.

We use the latest products for our baiting programmes to give you a speedy and effective knock down.
With a We Clean Carpets managed pest control programme, these nasties can be kept at bay.

We all like a happy and efficient work environment and the knowledge and confidence that your customers are not going to be surprised by unwanted pests.

Select from ongoing programmes or a one visit solution.

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