Carpet Cleaning

We Clean Carpets employees go through a comprehensive training programme . Our technicians use manufacturer recommended products and equipment to clean commercial carpet to specification, ensuring longer life and performance of your carpet.

Your carpet may look clean, but deep down trapped grit and dirt grinds and wears away at the fibres. This leaves the carpet looking tired and worn. Improve the appearance and life of your carpet with a professional care and management programme.

Carpet Cleaning - BeforeCarpet Cleaning - After

The most effective method of carpet cleaning and the method used by We Clean Carpets is hot water injection and extraction. Talk to us about how our Carpet Care Programme can help you extend the life of your carpet and improve your image.

The experience to deal with sticky situations

Knowing how to deal with stains – from tacky gum through to morning strength coffee is our specialty. Our policy means we'll treat a stain several times if necessary in the one cleaning process, without risking your carpet becoming too wet and suffering water damage.

We Clean Carpets offer a same day stain removal service for one off accidents.

Our carpet protection service can be applied to the entire carpet or just heavy traffic areas. There are several products available, but rather than use a water based protection that washes off with each steam clean, We Clean Carpets offer solvent based protection that lasts two to three cleans. On heavy traffic areas, this period may be shortened.

Carpet CleaningCarpet Cleaning

We Clean Carpets professionally clean and revitalise your carpet and lift the image of your work environment. Enhance productivity in your work environment by having your carpets cleaned by We Clean Carpets.

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Bob Stretton, Plumbing Supervisor/Estimator, UGL Limited

" We Clean Carpets clean or dry carpets and tidy up floods for us in the properties we manage. We’ve worked with Kevin and the We Clean Carpet.."

Lewis Burke - Facilities Manager. Goodman Properties Group

" We've had major spills on carpets from customers and We Clean Carpets cleans and sanitises them and it comes up well. Hygienic too which is import.."

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