Mark Huddleston, Finance and Assets Manager, Accommodation Services, The University of Auckland

We Clean Carpets provide a year end deep clean of textile furnishings and carpets at our residential properties and during the year clean the seats in our dining hall.

They’re very good; when we get flooding in any of the student accommodation properties it’s necessary the problem is remedied straight away. Kevin and his team come in on the day, vacuum up the water and set up the drying equipment so the problem is remedied.

They’re very flexible, particularly with the year end cleaning – Kevin can only work when the residents move out, so he may do half of the work, then come back to do the remainder so as not to interrupt residents. We’ve never had any problems.

They’re very professional – for year- end deep cleans Kevin provides a quote, liaises with the residential manager to find a suitable time, and works to the agreed timetable. He’s professional at each stage. The team are experienced so that when they come in they’re always up to speed.

Kevin and his team quickly do the work with minimal disruption. We’ve been using their services for more than five years and most definitely would recommend We Clean Carpets.

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