Lewis Burke - Facilities Manager. Goodman Properties Group

We've had major spills on carpets from customers and We Clean Carpets cleans and sanitises them and it comes up well. Hygienic too which is important. If We Clean Carpets didn’t do such a good job on the carpets we’d be up for a significant cost at the end of the year.

They take care of our carpets. On the emergency stuff they are brilliant. I had an air conditioner flood in one of the buildings and We Clean Carpets worked from 3pm Friday through to 6am Monday to make sure it was all kosher for the business week. They dried out the carpet, lifted it, cleaned it. It was brilliant. They don’t do the job and disappear into the sunset. I know I can ring them right now and they’d have a crew of cleaners here.

They back everything up,  ring you to make sure you’re happy, and I always am. And I’ve used We Clean Carpets at my own home.


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