Revitalise, Rejuvenate, and Restore your carpet with We Clean Carpets.

Your customers and your employees see your carpet every day so it pays to care for your carpet to create the right image.

We Clean Green

What does the appearance of your carpet say about you and your business?
When a flood happens and you have wet carpets that smell who do you turn to?
When toner or coffee is spilt on your carpet what will get that carpet stain out without ruining your carpet?

Your carpet may look clean, but deep down trapped grit and dirt grinds and wears away at the fibres making your carpet look tired and worn. Routine vacuuming and swift clean up of spills followed by regular professional care and management will improve the appearance and life of your carpet.

Is your office upholstery looking dull and lifeless destroying the image you are trying to create?

We Clean Carpets can help.

We specialise in commercial carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and pest control as well as drying and cleaning of flood damaged carpets.

We care every step of the way when it comes to lifting the image of your work environment.

We Clean Carpets have highly trained and qualified technicians trained to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification standard. They also adhere to the Australian/New Zealand Standard for Textile Floor Coverings so you know you are getting a professional job. The technicians from We Clean Carpets have police clearance and work in commercially sensitive areas. Your carpet cleaning job can be done when you want it done even outside normal business hours.

We Clean Carpets professionally clean and revitalise your carpet and office upholstery and are always ready in an emergency to restore your flood damaged carpet.

We are a non-franchised business which means all our technicians are available to work together on large projects or as individuals on the smallest of spot cleans for you.

Call Murray on (09) 213 2960  now to find out how We Clean Carpets can raise your image.

Gwyn De Arth, Manager, Southern Property Operations. Auckland Council.

" We Clean Carpets provided cleaning services to the Manukau Council for a number of years. With the amalgamation of the new Auckland council, I hav.."

Mark Huddleston, Finance and Assets Manager, Accommodation Services, The University of Auckland

" We Clean Carpets provide a year end deep clean of textile furnishings and carpets at our residential properties and during the year clean the seat.."

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